Complete Guide to Band Saws Book

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New Complete Guide to Band Saws: Everything You Need to Know About the Most Important Saw in the Shop.

This essential guide to woodworking’s most versatile tool includes a thorough analysis on everything needed to know in order to purchase, setup, use, and maintain a band saw. This top selling book details what woodworkers need to know before purchasing a saw, along with topics such as a part-by-part overview of every component of the saw, techniques of how best to set-up and align the saw, how to choose the right blade, and understanding hand positioning to provide any woodworker with the most complete guide to a band saw. Special sections are devoted to band saw accessories, how to deal with common problems, and how to maintain a band saw to keep it running effectively and efficiently for years.

The book is written by Mark Duginske who is a fourth generation central Wisconsin woodworker. He makes his living as a woodworker, writer and inventor. He was formerly a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking Magazine and nowadays he writes for a number of magazines.

This is a very popular band saw guidebook and one we recommend wholeheartedly.