Olson Bandsaw Blade 93-1/2″ All Pro Assortment Pack

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This assortment pack of Olson Saw All Pro Bandsaw Blades includes three of the most popular 93-1/2″ long blades for 14″ bandsaws: 3/16″ 10 TPI; 1/4″ 6 TPI; and 5/8″ 3 TPI.

All Pro blades have a tooth hardness of Rc 62-64, with a tempered back to aid stiffness and increase cut accuracy. Raker set teeth (every third tooth is unset) are best suited to cutting wood, plastic and non-ferrous metal. The blades are designed for heavy-duty use in furniture manufacturing, as well as fine woodworking and craft work.
Blade formulation contains pinpoint carbides, molybdenum, chrome and silicon, with a molecular structure that gives great metallurgical consistency for superior welds and sharpness retention.

This is a 3-pack assortment of 93-1/2″ long blades for 14″ bandsaws, part number APG80093BL.