Grizzly RF-128HDR Metal-Cutting Bandsaw with Swivel Head

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The Grizzly RF-128HDR Metal-Cutting Bandsaw with Swivel Head, 5 x 6-Inch is one of the best saws on the market for the small or large shop. It features a 5″ round and 5″ x 6″ rectangular capacity. But what really sets this apart from other saws of this size is the head swivel giving a maximum angle of cut of 60 degrees.

The easy-to-adjust head has stops in all the right places. And because the vise backing jaw is rigid on this saw it is taller giving it the ability to support the piece you are working on better. It has hydraulic down feed control, easy access wheels for quick blade changes and the right blade speeds to get the job done.

Blade size: 64-1/2-Inch x 1/2-Inch; Max. capacity circular @ 0 degrees: 5-Inch.